Terms and conditions

  1. Definitions:
  1. “the Company” means White Boat Trade (Pty) Ltd t/a  Printers For Africa, P.O. Box 9650, Edenglen, 1613.
  2. “the Customer” means the applicant applying for the credit facility referred to as “we” and “us” in the terms and conditions.
  1. Notwithstanding the granting of credit facilities to us, the Company shall be entitled at any time, and in its sole discretion to withhold such facilities and require repayment for any account.
  2. We undertake to pay any account within a period of thirty (30) days reckoned from date of statement on which credit was granted.
  3. We agree to pay interest on all overdue accounts at the rate allowed in terms of the National Credit Act from date of statement. We also agree that a certificate issued by a director of your company, setting out the applicable rate and amount of interest, and also verifying any amounts owing by us, shall be good and sufficient proof of the content thereof for all purposes, including any application for judgement or summary judgement in any competent court or in respect of any collection charges by our appointed representative.
  4. We undertake to pay all legal costs incurred in connection with the recovery of any account due by us, including all collection charges, tracing fees and costs as between attorney and client which may be payable in respect of the collection of such account.
  5. We agree that the physical trading address given shall be the domicilium citandi et executtandi for all purposes under this agreement, whether in respect of court process, notices or other documents or communications of whatever nature.
  6. We agree that in the event of a dispute arising from this agreement:

8.1 You will have the option to have the dispute arbitrated by an arbitrator appointed either by agreement or by the President of the Association of Arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act No. 42 of 1965.

  1. That in any court action arising from this agreement, We agree and consent (in terms of Section 45 of the Magistrates Court Act 32 of 1944 as amended) that you may at your discretion, institute such action in the jurisdiction of the relevant Magistrates Court, notwithstanding that the amount of the claim may exceed such jurisdiction.

We further agree that this constitutes consent in writing to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court as contemplated by the Magistrates Court Act No. 32 of 1944 as amended.

  1. We undertake to notify you within seven (7) days of any change of address.
  2. No addition to, variation or cancellation of this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless contained in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties. In particular, We agree that any term or condition which may be contained on any order, written or verbal, and which is at variance with the terms of this agreement, shall be of no force or effect unless incorporated in a document signed by both yourselves and ourselves and which has been prepared specifically for the purpose of varying the terms of these conditions.
  3. We hereby agree that we shall not be entitled to withhold payment of your account for any reason whatsoever.
  4. We agree that ownership of the goods will not pass to ourselves until we have paid in full for them.
  5. Any discount offered or allowed by you to us is always subject to payment within thirty (30) days of statement, failing which any discount agreed falls away.
  6. In the event of any default by the Customer of any provision of this agreement, the Customer hereby consents and authorizes Printers For Africa to furnish the name, credit record and repayment history of the Customer to any credit bureau as a delinquent debtor.
  7. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.  All written quotes, subject to the conditions of the quotes, are valid for 14 days and will be honoured and will not be affected by the price changes for the 14 days.
  8. The Customer agrees that Printers For Africa nor any of its employees will be liable for any negligent or innocent misrepresentations made to the Customer nor shall the Customer be entitled to withdraw from any contract on those grounds. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to determine that the goods or services ordered are suitable for the purpose of intended use.
  9. All orders and variations are subject to these terms and conditions. Only written orders and variations will be accepted by Printers For Africa. This notwithstanding, Printers For Africa may, at its sole discretion, elect to accept and act upon telephonic orders and any variations to orders Printers For Africa however reserves the right to refuse delivery of any order until placed in possession of a written order form.
  10. The Customer hereby confirms that the goods and services on the Tax invoice issued duly represent the goods and services ordered by the Customer at the prices agreed to by the Customer and where performance / delivery has already taken place that the services and goods were inspected and that the Customer is satisfied that these conform in all respects to the quality and quantity ordered and are free from any defects
  1. The delivery dates agreed to are given in good faith and all reasonable effort will be made to comply with them, but they shall be treated as approximate only and shall not be made the essence of the contract.
  2. The Purchaser shall inspect the goods as soon after delivery as is reasonably practicable and shall notify the Company in writing of any shortage, deficiency or damage to the goods within 24 hours of receipt The Purchaser shall also notify the Company in writing within 14 days of the invoice date of a total non-delivery of goods.
  3. Before using the goods or as soon as possible after using the goods and at interim periods after using the goods, the Purchaser shall test the goods to establish that it complies with the Purchaser’s expected quality standards and the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.  More specifically, but not limited to, the Purchaser will not print large quantities (bulk printing) without testing the quality in smaller quantities before printing in bulk and repeat the testing at interim periods.
  4. The Company shall make good by repair or (at its option) exchange such of the goods or part thereof which is shown to its reasonable satisfaction to have proved defective in materials or workmanship during the Warranty period on terms as stated in the Company’s Warranty Policy, provided that the Company received from the Purchaser written notice of such defect and , unless otherwise stated in the Company’s Warranty Policy, receives (carriage paid) the defective Product before the expiry  of the relevant Warranty Period.
  5. The above warranty is given by the Company subject to the following conditions:-
    1. the Company shall be under no liability in respect of any defect in the goods arising from any drawing, design or specification supplied by the Purchaser;
    2. the Company shall be under no liability in respect of any defect arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, negligence, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow the Company’s instructions (whether oral or in writing), misuse or alteration or repair of the goods without the Company’s approval;
    3. the Company shall be under no liability under the above warranty (or any other warranty, condition or guarantee) if the total price for the goods has not been paid by the due date for payment;
    4. the above warranty does not extend to parts, materials or equipment not supplied by the Company.
  6. The Purchaser must rely on its own skill and judgement in relation to the choice of goods and its fitness for his application.  Any advice given or Datasheets or other information, but not limited to, supplied by the Company or its employees or anybody acting on behalf of the Company or its employees must not be construed as the “Choice of goods and its fitness for his application” exercised by the Company, employees or agent of the Company.  It remains the final decision and responsibility of the Purchaser. IMPORTANT NOTE: Evolis offers integration services at the factory for smart card encoders. Please note that this integration and the sale of an integrated encoder bundled with an Evolis printer do not imply that Evolis and/or the Company and/or it’s Agent and employees will support the purchaser with its software developments and the validation of related cards. Evolis and/or the Company and/or it’s Agent and employees therefore strongly recommends the purchaser to ascertain its capacity to demonstrate, sell and support any printer fitted with an encoder. Evolis and/or the Company and/or it’s Agent and employees also recommends the purchaser to take all appropriate actions to validate that the software programs delivered are consistent and compatible to end-user’s needs. Information on this issue can be found on the relevant encoder manufacturer’s website. Evolis and/or the Company and/or it’s Agent and employees offers no support and will not be liable with regards to the quality of these software programs. The Evolis warranty is limited to hardware only, as stated in the Evolis Limited Warranty which is supplied with the printer
  1. The Company shall be under no obligation to accept return of any goods which were correctly supplied by the Company; but if the Company shall in any particular case agree to accept return of the goods which is not defective or subject to any claim, then it shall only do so on terms that:
    1. the Purchaser shall pay a handling charge equal to ten percent of the full invoice price of the goods so returned, or such other amount as may be agreed by the Company;
    2. the goods must be delivered to the Company’s premises in its original packaging, and both goods and packaging must be “as new”.
    3. The Company will not accept responsibility, nor accept the return of the following items:
      1. Software whether licensed or not, unless pre-authorized by the company in writing prior to ordering the software;
      2. Special Order items;
      3. Custom printed or custom programmed products, including but limited to, lanyards, badge reels, cards, encoders, card holders, ribbons, hologram ribbons and cleaning kits;
      4. Opened media in including but not limited to, lanyards, badge reels, cards, encoders, card holders, ribbons, hologram ribbons and cleaning kits.
  2. If, in the Company’s opinion, the Purchaser’s packaging is not suitable for returning items to site it shall be replaced at a charge. 
  3. Estimates/Quotes on repairs and service of equipment: This service is not free of charge. The Company reserves the right to charge a fee of R150 where estimates/quotes on repairs and service of equipment are rejected by the Purchaser. This will be credited on the final invoice if the estimate/quote on repairs. and service of equipment is accepted or if a new equipment is purchased. Where the estimate/quote on repairs and service of equipment is not accepted the collection of the non-repaired equipment is the Purchaser’s responsibility and a charge will be levied to assemble the equipment. The fee for estimates/quotes on repairs and service of equipment and assemble charges on repairs will escalade from time-to-time.
  4. If the goods after repair or estimation have not been collected within three months from the date of the notification in writing to the Purchaser, the goods shall become the property of the Company, and be disposed of to the discretion of the Company.
  1. We undertake not to engage in selling practices which are unfair, deceptive, misleading, or which misrepresents any aspect of the Company and the Manufacturer’s product or service, or which unfairly misleads or induces an unwilling customer to make a purchase, or which are otherwise irresponsible or not sanctioned by the Company and the Manufacturer.
  2. We undertake to train and motivate a competent team of sales personnel to sell White Boat Trade (Pty) LTD t/a Printers For Africa products, and to implement good customer service in accordance with the sales policies of White Boat Trade (Pty) LTD t/a Printers For Africa.
  3. We shall hold White Boat Trade (Pty) LTD t/a Printers For Africa free from and harmless against any and all claims, losses or damages incurred by its agents or sales personnel; and shall be held liable and remain responsible for all their acts and omissions as fully as if they performed the act or omission themselves.
  4. We agree to purchase a determined minimum quantity of products/turnover as determined from time to time by the Company.
  5. There exists no employer-employee relationship between White Boat Trade (Pty) LTD t/a Printers For Africa and us.  Hence our agents and employees shall under no circumstances be considered as employees, agents, and representatives, of White Boat Trade (Pty) LTD t/a Printers For Africa, neither shall we make any representation, guarantee or warranty with respect to a White Boat Trade (Pty) LTD t/a Printers For Africa product or service.
  6. The credit facility is non-assignable, non-transferable and can be terminated by the Company at its own discretion at any time without notification.
  7. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time without notice, and will post a copy of the terms and conditions on its website.
  8. All pictures shown on Evolis and/or the Company and/or its Agent website are for illustration purpose only and may not be an exact representation of the product. Evolis and/or the Company and/or its Agent reserve the right to change product images and specifications at any time without notice.